In His Own Words

It seems most fitting to describe the photographer and engineer Ron Reid in his own words, using the information he left behind in his open letter dated March 3rd, 1995:

To whom it may concern.

Educated in Australia as a First Class Engineer of Motorships, I rose rapidly to Chief Engineer of ocean going cargo ships, tankers and bulk carriers over a period of 14 years and was held in high regard by the owners.

This career was abandoned, as I wished to express myself in the field of photography and journalism and widen my horizons. Teaching myself the general techniques of photography, I began photographing the rock music scene of the 70s. My work in this field was made into a book and also used in numerous publications.

During this period I became involved in vegetarian life styles and ecology. On a voluntary basis as chief engineer, I undertook the preparation of the Green Peace ship, Rainbow Warrior for her great task and completed an extensive report to enable her to be re-engined with more suitable propulsion machinery.

Over the last 25 years I’ve accumulated a considerable archive of images of alternative living, rock music culture, youth and street styles etc. Recently Camera Press have given me the facilities for safely storing 14000 images that I have shot to eventually market thru their world wide associates.

Although over 50, I am in superb physical condition with the energy of those many years my junior.

My work can be described as social documentary with a strong artistic emphasis and display potential. Interest in science, education and healthy diet is extensive with accent on developing an awareness of our Planets problems to the young. As is evident from my convictions I cannot accept work that contributes to animal suffering or damage to the Earths resources.

With people and situations I am very adaptable with a natural visual sense related to both still and cine photography.

My approach to you is speculative, should you require advise, research or assistance on production and to give you the benefit of my varied experience with a fresh focus on the world around us.